Sac State University Policy Manual

Disabilities, Committee for Persons with

Policy Administrator: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: March 14, 1991
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Policy File Number: UMD03200.htm



1. Assist the University to increase the representation of persons with disabilities in its student enrollment and its employment of staff and faculty.

2. Assist the University to develop plans to provide full opportunities for persons with disabilities in its programs, activities, and facilities with respect to satisfying their academic, cultural and social interests and to prepare them for further employment.

3. Assist the University in the evaluation, review and recommendation of campus-wide educational and administrative policies, procedures, and curricula that affect the equal access, retention and graduation of students with disabilities.

4. Assist the University in the evaluation, review, and/or establishment of campus-wide policies or procedures for state or non-state funded new architectural projects as well as facility modifications to ensure the safety and equal access for persons with disabilities in the university programs and activities.

5. Advise the President, College Deans, and Council on University Planning on federal law and state mandates; as well as the development of priorities, timelines, cost estimation and resources allocation required to make "reasonable accommodation" for persons with disabilities.

6. Promulgate and incorporate the fundamental and uncontestable principle--to educate ALL students, in the skills and knowledge of their society, with equal access to programs and activities as required by law--into the mission and goals of California State University, Sacramento.


7 instructional faculty members (appointed by Faculty   Senate) (staggered terms)
1 Librarian faculty member (appointed by Faculty Senate)
1 Student Affairs professional (appointed by Faculty Senate)
1 Student (President of Disabled Students' Union/or designee)
1 Student (designated by ASI)
1 Vice President for Student Affairs/or designee*
1 Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs/or designee*
1 member of the disabled community (appointed by the President)
1 Manager, Project Design and Development, Facilities Management*
  The President of Disabled Students' Union (1 year)
1 staff (campus-wide solicitation) announced in staff Bulletin (1   year)
1 Associate Director of S.S.W.D* with voting privileges

Staff to the committee: Designated by the Provost and Vice President
for Academic Affairs

*Designates ex-officio