Sac State University Policy Manual

Faculty Resource Center and Related Matters, Administrative Responsibility for the

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: September 4, 1990
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Policy File Number: UMF04600.htm


The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for the Faculty Resource Center and the appointment of the Director is to be made by the Vice President.  The Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs is the immediate supervisor of the Director.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs serve as the administrative designees to the Faculty Professional Development Committee to work it in its development and consideration of policy issues.  There is a parallel for this model to be found in UARTP in which Faculty and Staff Affairs provides technical expertise and support, while the Vice President acts upon faculty personnel decisions and the implementation of committee recommendations.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs, receives and acts on the recommendations of the Faculty Professional Development review panels, State Funded Research and Scholarly and Creative Activity Committee, Senate Research Committee, and others; and, budgets and allocates to faculty, assigned time and monetary resources for research, curriculum development, and other faculty development projects.  Subsequent appointments of the Resource Center Director and appointments of faculty to similar assignments will be made by the Vice President and designated to the appropriate dean or other colleague.