Sac State University Policy Manual

Lottery Fund Allocation Committee

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: September 1993
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Policy File Number: UML10250.htm



The Lottery Fund Allocation Committee (LFAC) develops long-range plans for using Lottery funds to enhance the educational programs of the University and makes annual recommendations to the President concerning allocation of lottery funds for the following year. In developing these plans and recommendations LFAC consults with appropriate campus units or bodies. In addition, the Committee recommends to the President ways in which the CSU system can make the lottery fund allocation process more responsive to campus needs.


A. Development of Annual Funding Priorities .

Each year the University identifies the expected appropriation of Lottery funds, the categories for which the campus has discretion and any limits on that discretion. LFAC consults with the Academic Senate, CUP, the Council of Deans, the ASI Board of Directors and other bodies as appropriate concerning priorities for use of lottery funds. Based on this and the guidance of the University Planning Document, LFAC develops and ranks a list of categories to receive Lottery funds, and recommends funding levels for each category. Funding generally is of two types:

    1. Allocations to eligible program centers for specific program enhancement activities.

    2. Proposal-based allocations . In consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs,
        LFAC helps to identify an appropriate committee or other University body which will
        request and evaluate proposals from faculty or students, and then recommend awards.

B. Evaluation , reports and long-range planning . LFAC submits annual activity reports to the President, which include evaluations of the effectiveness of the lottery expenditures in meeting stated objectives. These evaluations are used by LFAC in developing its recommendations for the following year's funding levels, and in its long-range planning. LFAC also transmits to the Vice President for Finance the final allocation of lottery funds for inclusion in the annual publication of budget allocations. Finally, LFAC identifies for the President those issues that need to be addressed about lottery fund distribution and administration on the campus or in the CSU system.


A. Membership . The membership of LFAC includes:

    1. Six instructional faculty (two from Arts & Sciences and one from each of the other
        schools), one faculty member from the Library, and one faculty member from Student
        Affairs, appointed for staggered terms through the Academic Senate in consultation with
        the administrators of the units represented. Faculty may serve no more than six
        consecutive years.

    2. One instructional dean or associate dean, chosen by the Academic Deans.

    3. Two students, chosen in the customary manner for appointing students to University

    4. The Vice President for Academic Affairs, or designee.

    5. The Vice President for Finance, or designee.

    6. The University Dean of Student Affairs, or designee.

B. Meetings . LFAC publishes a calendar of meeting dates at the beginning of each semester. LFAC schedules one or more joint meetings annually to consult with each of the bodies mentioned in Section IIA, above.

C. Operating procedures . Each year LFAC elects one of its faculty members to serve as co-chair with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or designee. The agenda is developed by the co-chairs and the Vice President for Finance, or designee. LFAC may form subcommittees (e. g., a subcommittee for evaluating the effectiveness of the previous year's enhancement activities), to gather information and develop recommendations for consideration by the full Committee. If issues cannot be resolved by consensus; failing this decision will be by majority vote, with each member defined in Section IIIA, above, entitled to vote.