Sac State University Policy Manual

Mission, University

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: April 1999
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Policy File Number: UMM11050.htm


The mission of California State University, Sacramento a regional comprehensive public university is to preserve, communicate, and advance knowledge; cultivate wisdom; encourage creativity; promote the value of humankind; and improve the quality of life for its graduates and the people of the region. The education of students is the central mission of the University. Therefore, the University faculty's primary responsibilities are teaching and the creation of an active learning environment for students.

The University is committed to the principle that responsible and knowledgeable persons freely exercising reason in the pursuit of individual and community interests play a significant and beneficial role in addressing society's problems and enriching life. Education liberates individuals from ignorance, intolerance, and dogmatism, freeing them for critical and reflective thought, and for wise and effective action. CSUS is committed to helping students develop a sense of self-confidence and self-worth, respect for diverse cultures, awareness of important social and moral issues, and concern for others.

The University strives to provide students with opportunities for active participation in academic and extracurricular activities which will contribute to their ability to function productively in a rapidly changing society.

We reaffirm the value of and need for education of the whole person in the tradition of a liberal undergraduate education. Building on the fundamental knowledge and skills acquired through a general education program, the University offers traditional liberal arts disciplines and professional studies which emphasize three critical curricular values acquisition of knowledge, the development of critical thought processes, and the synthesis of knowledge hallmarks of an educated person.

The University further enhances the intellectual life of the campus through its graduate and post-baccalaureate program offerings and research centers. Master's, post-baccalaureate certificates, and joint doctoral programs advance students educational achievements and prepare them for professional and leadership positions throughout the region and in society.

As a regional resource the University is committed to providing educational opportunities that contribute to the cultural and economic development of the region. The University strives to advance the public good through collaboration with government, social and cultural agencies, and businesses and industries within the region.

The University's mission is guided by fundamental values which reflect its identity as a public, regional, comprehensive, metropolitan university. Thus, California State University, Sacramento seeks to offer individuals the opportunity to realize their highest aspirations and become active and involved citizens for the good of the individual and society.


Teaching and Learning
    To achieve recognition for superior accomplishments in teaching and learning

Academic Programs
    To offer academic programs characterized by high quality, serious attention to outcomes,
    recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, commitment to life-long learning
    and preparing an educated citizenry, and responsiveness to regional needs

    To build and support a university community whose excellence in teaching, learning,
    research and public service will be strengthened by scholarship

    To develop a campus community whose diversity enriches the lives of all and whose
    members develop a strong sense of personal and community identity as well as mutual

Enrollment Planning
    To serve a qualified, diverse student population and facilitate timely graduation

Campus Life
    To develop a campus that is welcoming, inclusive, vibrant, and intellectually stimulating for
    students, faculty, staff, alumni, and University visitors

The Public Life of a Capital University
    To establish partnerships and programs of mutual benefit to the University and the
    Sacramento region in the areas of human and social services, cultural life, economic
    development, and public policy issues of regional and statewide significance

Institutional Effectiveness
    To support the educational mission set forth in the Strategic Plan by providing valued
    services to internal and external constituencies through continual implementation of
    effective and efficient practices.