Sac State University Policy Manual

Transfer Admission Agreements

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs
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Policy File Number: UMT17125.htm


As a special program for a select group of transfer students, the Transfer Admission Agreements (TAA) at California State University, Sacramento is to be used primarily as a recruiting and planning tool with our community college feeder institutions. Transfer Admission Agreements help with enrollment management and ensure a better prepared transfer student. TAA's must be written within the context of University policies.   In accordance with SB 121 (Hart), California State University Sacramento will give priority admission status to community college students with signed, valid transfer agreements.

Beginning Spring semester, 1992, Transfer Admission Agreements are to be implemented as follows:

1. On the recommendation of the University's Enrollment Management Group, the Vice
President or designee will establish a numerical cap for each semester, of an academic year, at least one year in advance. Since enrollment fluctuates, and projections are unreliable, no more than 1,000 TAA's are approved for Fall enrollment and no more than 750 for Spring enrollment. A database is maintained and monitored regularly to ensure that the cap is not exceeded. In programs declared as overcrowded, caps may also be set.

TAA caps are reviewed annually by the Enrollment Management Group.

2. In order to remain an effective planning tool, TAA's are written no more than 4 semesters in advance and no less than 2 semesters prior to enrollment. For Fall 1993 enrollment, the TAA would need to be approved before September 1, 1992; for Spring 1994, by February 1, 1993, etc.

3. TAA's are considered in effect only after an authorized signature has been obtained
from one of the appropriate administrative designees at California State University,
Sacramento. Although Transfer Center, Outreach personnel and Admissions counselors are authorized to review and accept TAA's, only the Director of Outreach, Director of the Transfer Center and the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs are authorized to approve TAA's.

4. Community college counselors writing TAA's must be advised of current California
State University, Sacramento campus-wide supplemental admission criteria as well as
supplemental criteria established by majors. All supplemental criteria in effect apply to

5. All student with TAA's must apply for admission during the initial filing period and the
TAA must meet all the above criteria in order to be considered a guarantee of admission.

NOTE: TAA priority status does not automatically apply to impacted majors.
Applicants to impacted majors must also submit to departmental review, if required, and meet supplemental criteria.

If all conditions and deadlines are met, community college students who have completed approved transfer admission agreements are given priority for admission after continuing students in good standing. In addition, students who are eligible to transfer and who are from historically underrepresented groups or economically disadvantaged families are given preference in transfer admission decisions. The implementation plan for TAA's is to be reviewed annually by the Enrollment Management Group, with input from Admission and Records and Outreach Services in order to assess its effectiveness as a recruiting and planning tool. Recommendations will be made to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.