Sac State University Policy Manual

College of Continuing Education(CCE)

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Authority: PM 2/15/02
Effective Date: 2/15/02 (Name change from RCE to CCE)
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Policy File Number: FSC00010.htm

The College of Continuing Education (CCE) administers a variety of programs, courses, workshops, seminars and conferences for individuals who seek to expand their interests, improve and broaden their professional preparation, or simply to advance their University degree aspirations. CCE is dedicated to providing people of all ages, professions and backgrounds the opportunity for lifelong learning in a wide variety of subjects.

Through CCE, individuals have access to both credit and non-credit courses without formal admission to the University. Educational activities are developed with sensitivity to the changing interests of the community and to address the problems of today's society. CCE helps public and private entities establish programs to improve the skills, training and education of their employees.

Courses of study are scheduled throughout the year to accommodate the responsibilities and time constraints of adults and employees and are aimed at both the continuing student and individuals who have been absent from the classroom for an extended period.

Special Sessions

 The special session offerings qualify for "resident" credit status and serve a variety of student audiences, including individuals seeking to accelerate their undergraduate or graduate programs of study, to "test the academic waters," or simply to study a favorite subject.

Summer Session

 In the summer session there are five distinct sessions scheduled. These sessions cover a wide variety of disciplines, including business administration, engineering, education, social sciences, natural sciences, fine arts and health and human services. The sessions, courses and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of individuals who wish to coordinate their regular academic year programs, career opportunities, or employment calendars with additional summer classwork.

Winter lntersession

 Intersession is a program of study offered in January, which tends to focus on communication studies, social sciences, education workshops, and a scattering of other courses which lend themselves to a three-week format.

Open University (Concurrent Enrollment)

 The Open University Program allows individuals to enroll in regular University classes without formal matriculation. The benefits of the program include taking University classes prior to committing oneself to a formal degree program, raising one's grade point average, or simply focusing on a particular class or subject. Attendance through Open University requires that there is space available in the classroom, the course prerequisites are met, and the instructor approves.

Off-Campus Degree Programs

 Finally, CCE administers undergraduate and graduate degree programs located at off-campus sites. These degrees are scheduled on an "as-needed" basis and are aimed at professionals who want to go beyond undergraduate studies, increase their knowledge of selected disciplines, or enhance their career options.

The catalogs describing the coursework activities for all special sessions are available well in advance of the beginning of the sessions. Call or write to have your name placed on the mailing list.

Bachelor of Vocational/Technical Education

This weekend program is designed for adults who are successful in their occupation but lack a college degree. See the degree program requirements listed under Vocational/Technical Education in this catalog.


 Extension is the vehicle through which the resources and facilities of the University are applied to help meet the educational needs of organizations and individuals located throughout the greater Sacramento area and beyond. A variety of opportunities are available to those interested in improving productivity, enhancing careers, redirecting professional interests, or simply improving knowledge of a particular subject - subject ranging from the rudiments of grammar to the ethics of professionals in a world of large organizations and contrasting goals. Samples of educational activities offered are:

Programs of study aimed at upgrading and maintaining the skills of professionals; in-house training programs tailored to meet the specific educational needs of individual organizations; test preparation courses for individuals readying for examinations, e.g., GRE and GMAT, SAT, or the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST); and a variety of travel study opportunities under the direction of knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Independent Travel Study allows students to earn academic credit for a planned learning experience.

Certificate Programs

CCE also offers a number of Certificate Programs designed for individuals who seek formal recognition for completing an organized, integrated, specialized program of study. Catalogs, fliers and other information are available by contacting CCE.


All activities offered under the auspices of CCE are scheduled on a "self-support" basis, i.e., developmental, instructional and supportive costs must be offset by the fees required for registration.

All fees, however, are governed by a set of criteria issued by the CSU Board of Trustees. For information regarding fees, or on the College of Continuing Education (CCE) programs, please visit the web site at: / or phone (916) 278-4433. College of Continuing Education 7750 College Town Drive, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95826.