Sac State University Policy Manual

Graduate Concentrations

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date:
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Policy File Number: FSG00030.htm

Students currently enrolled in a master's degree program may, with the consent of the program, fulfill the requirements for one or more concentrations within that one degree program. The degree program shall require a minimum of 9 units of 200-level seminar courses, exclusive of the culminating experience for each concentration, original, concurrent or subsequent. Concentrations may be completed concurrently or sequentially, but all concentration course work must be completed before the awarding of a master's degree. All concentrations will be noted on the diploma and the transcript.

CSUS students who have earned a master's degree in a program offering concentrations may, within seven years of starting the degree and with the consent of the degree program, return to CSUS in order to add one or more concentrations in that program. Each additional concentration shall require a minimum of 9 units of 200-level seminar courses exclusive of the culminating experience. Students must meet the admissions and catalog requirements in effect at the time of enrollment. The additional concentration(s) will be noted on the transcript and no new diploma will be issued