Sac State University Policy Manual

Program For Special Minor

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Authority: FS 14/15-172
Effective Date:1/99; June 17, 2015
Updated: June 17, 2015
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Policy File Number: FSP00030.htm

A minor is an approved group of related courses that may be taken outside of, and in addition to, one’s major, successful completion of which is recognized on the academic transcript. Minors, like majors, consist of a set of required courses and all prerequisites to these courses. A minor is not usually a graduation requirement, although it usually strengthens and/or broadens the major program. However, it may be quite dissimilar to the major to engage the student in another area of study.

The Special Minor is, therefore, designed for those students whose needs and goals cannot be met by the traditional minors offered by this University. Special minors will be approved only in academic areas where sufficient course work exists to provide the necessary depth and breadth for planning a comprehensive academic program. Approved programs must meet specific educational and career objectives that are set forth by the student and approved by the student's adviser. They are not to duplicate in essence other existing minor programs, and the requirements are to equal or exceed those of other campus minor programs.

Specific Grade Point Average Requirement:

Before submitting the application to begin work on the Special Minor, the student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on all course work completed to that point.

Special Unit Requirements:

A total of 12 semester units are required, which includes a minimum of 6 upper division units in the field of specialization.


1. Type, date and sign a carefully prepared statement setting forth the rationale for requesting the special minor. Include the specific educational or career objectives that the minor is to fulfill. Clearly explain why the proposed minor is more appropriate in fulfilling the stated objectives than other existing minor programs would be.

The completed statement is to be submitted to your faculty adviser who will determine if the requirements of the proposed minor and the objectives may be reasonably met at this University. If so, the faculty adviser may then assist you in developing a course of study.

2. With the assistance of the faculty adviser, list your proposed course of study on the attached program planning sheet. The adviser and department chair are to sign a typed copy of the program planning sheet indicating that they recommend approval of the proposed program.

3. Submit the rationale statement and four copies of the signed proposed plan of study to the Dean for Undergraduate Studies, who will approve or disapprove the course of study. If the program is approved, copies of it will be distributed to the student, the adviser, and the Registrar.

4. Subsequent changes in the course of study must be requested on the "Revision to Program for Special Major/Minor" form, be approved by the adviser and submitted to the Dean for Undergraduate Studies for approval.