Sac State University Policy Manual

Writing and Reading in the Major

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Authority: FS 99-09/CPC
Effective Date: 3-11-99
Index Cross-References:
Policy File Number: FSW0010.htm

I. Purpose

CSUS is committed to the development of sound writing and reading skills:

A. Appropriate to the requirements of majors and their related careers, and
B. Recognizing the needs of ESL students.

Beyond General Education requirements, major programs are responsible for writing and reading standards and development at the upper-division level.

II. Goals

A. Writing skills shall include an ability to communicate in a clear and organized form by both general expository writing and at an appropriate level, writing specific to the discipline.

B. Reading skills shall include an ability to understand general expository writings and at an appropriate level, writings specific to the discipline.

C. In order to assist programs in developing standards of general expository writing and reading comprehension, Academic Affairs will distribute copies of Senate-approved standards for those skills. In addition, it will distribute copies of Senate-approved standards relevant to ESL students. The standards distributed shall be advisory: Programs may adopt or modify them as the needs of their majors require.

D. Subject to the approval of Academic Affairs, programs will decide which additional writing and reading standards, goals and assessment methods are appropriate for their disciplines.

III. Program Reviews

The University shall assist writing and reading development in the majors by a modification of program review requirements.

A. Major programs' program review self studies shall include:

1) descriptions of current writing and reading requirements
2) standards for general expository and discipline-specific writing and reading
3) any plans for the development of writing and reading skills
4) plans for the assessment of current requirements and of measures to encourage writing and reading skills.

B. Program reviews shall include an evaluation of programs' assessment of writing and reading skills, current requirements and plans for the development of writing and reading skills.

IV. Pilot Projects

A. The University shall begin phased-in implementation of University-supported pilot projects developed by academic programs. Program participation in pilot projects shall be voluntary.

B. Programs not involved in preparation for program reviews may also request participation in a pilot project.

V. A Faculty Senate Committee

Academic Affairs shall consult with a representative Faculty Senate committee on the implementation of this policy and on the development of pilot projects for interested programs. Programs may in any case consult directly with the committee.

FS 99-09 - Approved by Senate 2/25/99