Sac State University Policy Manual

Athletic/Intercollegiate-Contracts and Agreements
Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration
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Policy File Number: UMA01125.htm

Intercollegiate Athletics - Contracts and Agreements

The University's programs of intercollegiate athletics are supported by a combination of state resources, earned income, gifts, and grants.  Earned income may include, but is not limited to, revenue acquired through commercial underwriting or sponsorship and game guarantees.

Negotiating contracts and agreements for the commercial underwriting and/or sponsorship of intercollegiate activities and game guarantees shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics or his/her designee.  All such contracts and agreements shall be reviewed, and if found acceptable, endorsed for implementation by the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and the University's Vice President for Administration or designee.

Such contracts and agreements shall not normally provide to the commercial sponsor rights to exclusive product sales opportunities beyond the sponsored event and/or venue and shall not result in a gift of public property.

All non-state revenue required by the Department of Athletics is reported through several processes including, but not limited to, gift acknowledgement procedures, the University's annual budget process, and required audits.