Sac State University Policy Manual

Animals on Campus
Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration/CFO
Authority: 28CFR 35.104, 28CFR 35.136, Sacramento County Code, Title 8, Animals, Chapter 8.20
Effective Date: September 27, 2015
Updated: November 18, 2011, September 2, 2015
Index Cross-References:
Policy File Number: ADM-0105



Policy Statement:

California State University, Sacramento allows animals on campus in compliance with state and federal law, including service and support animals for individuals with disabilities as described in this policy.

Who the Policy applies to:

All students, employees and members of the public.

Why the Policy is necessary:

To establish appropriate limits for animals on campus to promote the safety and well-being of the campus community while also setting forth the campus policy on service and support animals for individuals with disabilities.


In collaboration with the Divisions of Human Resources and Student Affairs, the Vice President for Administration/CFO is responsible for the implementation of this policy.  

Procedures for Animals and Service Animals on Campus


Approved by President Robert S. Nelsen
September 27, 2015