Sac State University Policy Manual
Mail Services
Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration
Effective Date:
November 16, 1999
Updated: August 1, 2009
Index Cross-References:
Policy File Number
: ADM-0110




Mail Services provides delivery and pick-up of U.S. mail and intercampus mail for all University departments, auxiliary organizations, and enterprise programs of California State University, Sacramento.  Additional services provided may include bulk mailings and specialty mailings including certified, insured, and/or overnight mail delivery. 


The University’s postage meter is managed and handled solely by Mail Services personnel, and shall be the only postage meter used for the University’s mail.  The meter shall be used for official University mail only, defined as mail that furthers the purpose of the University and/or is necessary to conduct the business of the University.  The metering of personal mail through the University postage meter constitutes the misuse of State funds and is not allowed.


Faculty, staff, and students living off campus must have their personal mail addressed to their homes or off-campus residences.


The Mail Service Center is responsible for processing all University mail.  Establishment of new mail stops on campus shall be at the review and discretion of the Mail Service Cetner.  Mail for the students residing in the Residence Halls shall be delivered by the U.S. Post Office and processed by the Student Residential Life personnel.



This policy applies to all member of the campus community.


Approved by Alexander Gonzalez

March 18, 2010

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