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 University Policy Manual
 California State University, Sacramento
Policy Title: Billing,Collection and Write-Off of Debts
Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration & CFO
Integrated California State Unviersity Administrative Manual
Effective Date:
February 20, 2014
Index Cross-References:
ICSUAM 3102.06, 3131.01, and 3132.01; SAM 8776
Policy File Number:

Billing, Collection, and Write-Off of Debts

Policy Statement:

This policy governs the establishment, collection, and write-off of both student and non-student debt owed to the campus by a variety of individuals, departments, companies, and/or agencies.

Who the Policy applies to:

This policy applies to all individuals, departments, companies, and/or agencies who have incurred debt to the campus.

Why the policy is necessary:

To be in compliance with the Integrated California State University Administrative Manual (ICSUAM), Policy 3102.06, 3131.01, and 3132.01, as well as the State Administrative Manual (SAM) section 8776.


The Student Financial Services Center is the sole source of billing for any and all debts to the campus – regardless of the department or account to which the debt is owed.

The Associate Vice President for Financial Services and the Director of the Student Financial Services Center approve the establishment of billing systems, debt collection procedures, and the write-off of debt deemed uncollectible.

Authorized department employees shall request from Student Financial Services to create invoices, supplying the appropriate information.  It is their responsibility to ensure the validity of the debt.  Invoice requests are also generated by the State Controller’s Office for payroll and/or benefit debt.  Student debts are established in the student system at the time the debt is incurred. 

Student Financial Services will use the requests to create invoices, follow procedures to collect debt, and determine if and when delinquent debt is uncollectible. 


Invoice Request Form


Approved by: Alexander Gonzalez, President on February 20, 2014