Sac State University Policy Manual
Facilities Services General Administration
Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration
Authority:  CSU Chacellor's Office EO 630, 847, 987, AB75
Effective Date: July 1, 1999
Updated: July 1, 2008
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Policy File Number: ADM-0125



Facilities Services is responsible for providing any and all non-maintenance services and improvements to the University. This includes maintenance and capital renewal of facilities, utility infrastructure, roads and grounds which allow the University to meet its educational mission. Facilities Services is responsible for the oversight of the University energy utilization and any programs required ensuring that the University meets goals that encourage increasing conservation and improving efficiency. 


Facilities Services, under the leadership of the Vice President for Administration and the Associate Vice President for Facilities Services, has the task of enforcing this policy. 


The policy applies to any recipient of any service provided by Facilities Services. The services provided are: building trades, energy, engineering, integrated waste management, moving services, custodial services, grounds and landscape services, automotive services, project management, construction management, design development and estimation.


Facilities Management

Approved by Alexander Gonzalez, President

November 20, 2008