Sac State University Policy Manual
Moving and Relocation Expense
Policy Administrator:  Vice President for Administration
Education Code 89753 (b); Annual Chancellor's Office HR/Benefits coded memo
Effective Date: 
March 5, 2012
Updated: January 31, 2012
Index Cross-References: Delegated Financial Authority and Responsibilities
Policy File Number: ADM-0132


This policy governs the reimbursement, within budgetary constraints, of moving and relocation expenses offered to selected new employees.

The University letter of offer indicates the maximum dollar amount which the University may pay toward relocation, moving and travel expenses. Costs paid or reimbursed to an individual regarding relocation, moving, and moving-related travel are reported to the Internal Revenue Service and California State Franchise Tax Board as required by law.


The President has been delegated authority to approve, deny or grant exceptions for all moving and relocation reimbursements.

The new employee is responsible for providing receipts for all claims submitted for reimbursement. Claims must be approved and signed by the appropriate Vice President for the new employee. Accounts Payable is responsible for the review and payment of claims submitted for reimbursement to insure all are appropriately documented and approved.


This policy applies to all new employees who have been offered reimbursement for moving and relocation expenses.


Approved: Alexander Gonzalez, President

March 5, 2012