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Policy Title: Student Safety Training

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration/CFO

Authority: CSU Executive Order 1039

Effective Date: May 19, 2018

Updated: April 19, 2019

Index Cross-References: FS 18/19-73/FPC/EX

Policy File Number: ADM-0135

Student Safety Training 

Policy Statement:

Students performing any academic activity that requires the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect against chemical or other safety risk, shall receive safety training by their faculty in the proper use, of that PPE, safety features of the laboratory, and what actions to take in the event of an accident or injury. Examples of PPE include, but are not limited to, gloves, goggles, safety glasses, lab coats, closed toe shoes, and hearing protection. 

The student instruction shall include information about the general chemical, biological and/or other safety hazards that are being controlled by the PPE as well as information about accessing and understanding specific data for individual hazards that may arise in the planned activities as the semester progresses,

Following the safety training, students required to wear PPE shall sign a Student Safety Training Acknowledgement Form (SSTAF) demonstrating that they have received proper laboratory safety training. The safety training shall be performed by the instructor and documented by the student by signing the SSTAF prior to engaging in any activity that requires PPE. 

The instruction required by this policy shall be conducted for each class, each semester, whether or not the student has received it for any other classes.

Who the Policy applies to:

This policy applies to all students participating in academic activities that require use of “Personal Protective Equipment” (PPE) to protect against chemical or other safety risk.

Why the Policy is necessary:

To proactively identify, prevent, and mitigate risk of injury to students.


The instructor of record for a course utilizing PPE is responsible for ensuring that students are familiar with and properly using required protective devices and are required to forward signed training acknowledgement forms to department offices.

Academic departments will identify a point person(s) who is (are) responsible to collect, record, retain, and update the SSTAF. The department point person will ensure that the SSTAF is reviewed annually and that the student-signed SSTAF is maintained by the department for a minimum of three years after the end of a class, as per the Sacramento State records retention schedule.

Deans’ Offices should maintain a record of the names and contact information of the point persons for all departments and confirm that the Departmental procedures for the SSTAF are reviewed annually. The office of Environmental Health & Safety shall work with department chairs and college deans to assist in identifying courses requiring PPE and can act as an advisory body as to what type of training will be offered to students.

Approved by: Robert S. Nelsen, President    Date: May 19, 2018