Sac State University Policy Manual
Public User Fees

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration/CFO
Authority: Education code 89700 (a)
Effective Date: February 25, 2013
Updated: October 2008, January 2013
Index Cross-References:  Unrelated Business Income Tax Policy; Student Fee Policy
Policy File Number: ADM-0137

Public User Fees

Public User Fees are defined as those charges made to persons/groups other than students of the University for services provided in conjunction with the normal operations of University departments.  A University department that is providing said services to the public must charge a user fee that covers the cost of services, facilities or materials per Education Code 89700(a).

This policy governs the University’s practice for the establishment of Public User Fees as well as criteria and procedures for implementation and audit review. A department is prohibited from providing and charging for said services to persons/groups outside the University without first obtaining approval through the Public User Fee proposal process.

The following services and/or fees are not included in the Public User Fees process:

  • Services provided as part of normal contracts and grants
  • Fees charged to students - handled through Student Fee Policy
  • Charges to campus departments - handled through Campus Cost Recovery (CCR) or Cost Allocation Plan


This process is managed by the University’s Vice President for Administration/CFO and his/her designees. The President has the authority to approve new fees. The University’s Vice President for Administration/CFO has the authority to approve changes in fee level or elimination of a fee. If at any time in the future, the President determines the need does not exist, he has authority to abolish the Public User Fee program without departmental approval.


This policy and related procedures apply to all departments seeking to charge the public for services.


Public User Fee Request Form

Public User Fees Implementation Procedures


Approved by Alexander Gonzalez, President

February 25, 2013