Sac State University Policy Manual
Occupational Health Policy
Policy Administrator:  Vice President for Administration
Authority:  Title 8 of the California Code of Regulation § 3203 (c), Labor Management Safety Committee
Effective Date: 1991
Updated:  April 19, 2007
Index Cross-References:  Subcommittee of the Campus Safety and Environmental Health Committee
Policy File Number: ADM-0163

Occupational Health Policy


Policy statement:  It is the policy of California State University, Sacramento to comply with all occupational health and safety requirements set forth in state and federal regulations.  To this end, the Occupational Health & Safety Committee (OHSC) has been established to assert our proactive commitment to promoting safety communication between labor and management through the utilization of a labor/management safety committee as recommended by Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations § 3203 (c).


Responsibilities:  The committee is charged with the responsibility for recommending to the Campus Safety and Environmental Health Committee, policy and procedures on issues related to worker health and safety. The Committee:

(1)    Selects a Chair, for a two year term, from among the body of the Committee.  The Chair also serves as a representative of the OHSC to the Campus Safety and Environmental Health Committee.

(2) Meets regularly, but not less than quarterly;

(3)    Prepares and makes available to the affected employees, written records of the safety and health issues discussed at the committee meetings and, maintained for review by the OSHA upon request. The committee meeting records shall be maintained for at least one (1) year.  Copies of committee meeting records are maintained in the Office of Risk Management Services.

(4)    Reviews results of the periodic, scheduled worksite inspections;

(5)    Reviews investigations of occupational accidents and causes of incidents resulting in occupational injury, occupational illness, or exposure to hazardous substances and, where appropriate, submits suggestions to management for the prevention of future incidents; 

(6)    Reviews investigations of alleged hazardous conditions brought to the attention of any committee member. When determined necessary by the committee, the committee may conduct its own inspection and investigation to assist in remedial solutions; 

(7)    Submits recommendations, to the Campus Safety and Environmental Health Committee, to assist in the evaluation of employee safety suggestions; and

(8)    Upon request from OSHA, verifies abatement action taken by the employer to abate citations issued by the Division.


Committee Membership:  Membership of the Committee is as follows: One member designated by each of the following unions representing campus constituencies – California Federation of the Union of American Physicians & Dentists, CSEA, CFA, APC, SETC and SUPA for the following bargaining units: 1, 2, 5, 7 and 9, 3, 4, 6 and 8. 

  • One representative from the staff of Faculty and Staff Affairs
  • One representative from the staff of Public Safety
  • Director of Environmental Health and Safety or Designee





Approved by Alexander Gonazalez, President

July 8, 2009