Sac State University Policy Manual
Policy Title: Operation of University and Auxiliary Vehicles on Inner Campus Pathways

Policy Administrator:  Vice President for Administration/CFO
Authority: Office of the Chancellor, Use of University and Private Vehicles Guidelines
Effective Date: January 28, 2016
Policy Number: ADM-0178


Policy Statement:
It is the policy of California State University, Sacramento, that vehicles driven on inner campus pathways, whether battery- or gasoline-powered, shall be operated in a way that does not compromise pedestrian safety, and in a manner that conforms with other provisions of this policy and the accompanying procedure as incorporated herein. Failure to operate vehicles in conformance with this policy and procedure will result in removal of on-campus vehicle operating privileges, which may also include disciplinary action.

Whom the Policy applies to:
This policy applies to all campus vehicle operators (e.g., campus and auxiliary faculty, staff, students, contractors, visitors, and volunteers) who are authorized, as described by this policy and procedure, to operate vehicles on inner campus pathways. 

Why the Policy is necessary:
The inner campus pathways are heavily used by pedestrians, especially during the academic semester.  Pedestrian safety and the entire on-campus pedestrian experience are very important to the campus and cannot be compromised.  However, it has also been determined that the operation of certain vehicles on inner campus pathways is necessary for accomplishing campus business and for efficiently attending to critical facility maintenance requirements. Due to the layout of the campus – where buildings are located close together – pedestrians and vehicles are forced to occupy the same pathways, which are not designed or built as streets.  Thus, it is necessary to comprehensively regulate on-campus vehicle operations, encourage safe-driving behaviors and practices, and enforce safe driving standards. 

This policy shall be implemented and monitored by the Office of Risk Management.  Campus supervisors and managers shall ensure that personnel who operate University vehicles on inner campus pathways are credentialed and trained to do so, and will ensure that their vehicles are appropriately identified as outlined in the Procedures.

Operation of University and Auxiliary Vehicles on Inner Campus Pathways Procedures


Approved by President Robert S. Nelsen
January 28, 2016