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 University Policy Manual
 California State University, Sacramento
Policy Title: Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Campus (Interim)
Policy Administrator: Vice President of Administration/CFO
California Government Code Section 7232
Effective Date:
February 15, 2017 (Interim)
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This interim policy may evolve and change based on the feedback received from the campus community.

Policy Statement:
Sacramento State is proud of the diversity of its students and employees and strives to foster a campus community that is safe and welcoming for everyone.  Consequently, Sacramento State is committed to promoting an environment where all members of our community are not hesitant or afraid to come forward to report crimes and/or otherwise cooperate with our University Police Department because of their immigration status, including fear of intervention by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).  Because of this commitment and the fact that primary jurisdiction for enforcement lies with ICE and not with University police or other local or municipal law enforcement departments, the University will not enter into agreements with local law enforcement agencies, or any other federal agency for the enforcement of federal immigration law unless required by law.  The University also directs the University Police Department at Sacramento State to adopt and make part of its general operating orders the procedures included with this policy relating to engagement with foreign nationals relating to immigration status.

Who the Policy applies to:
All students, faculty and staff.

Why the Policy is necessary:
To promote the University’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and to create a safe environment for the campus community which supports it educational mission.

The Chief of Police, under the direction of the Vice President for Administration/CFO is responsible for the enforcement of this policy.


  1. Officers shall not contact, stop, question or detain persons solely for determining immigration status.
  2. Officers shall not contact, stop, question or detain persons solely for on the basis of being or suspected of being an undocumented immigrant, except as required by law.
  3. Officers shall not hold detainees pursuant to ICE detainers or wants at the University Police Station unless the individual is being detained for a separate violation of California State law.
  4. Officers shall not arrest detainees pursuant to federal warrants solely for violation of immigration laws.
  5. Officers shall not arrest foreign nationals solely for alleged undocumented entry into the U.S.
  6. Officers may only arrest individuals when there is probable cause to believe the individual has violated a state law, or a local ordinance, or a non-immigration-related federal statute, regulation or law for which a judicial warrant has been issued and detaining the individual would not otherwise violate any federal, state, or local law, or any local policy.

Approved by:

Robert S. Nelsen
February 15, 2017