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Policy Title: Campus Planning Council Policy

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration/CFO

Authority: CSU Executive Order 713

Effective Date: September 22, 2017


Index Cross-References: Minor Design Change Committee (MDCC) Policy ADM-0185

Policy File Number: ADM-0184

Campus Planning Council Policy

Policy Statement:

This policy establishes the protocol and procedural guidelines regarding the use and management of space on campus. The Campus Planning Council (CPC), an administrative committee reporting to the President, will be responsible for reviewing specific requests and proposals for space assignments and provide recommendations to the President. This policy consolidates two former bodies from previous policies: Campus Physical Planning (ADM-158) and Campus Space Planning (ADM-0112); and replaces them with this new policy and council: Campus Planning policy and Campus Planning Council, respectively.

Who the Policy applies to:

This policy applies to all areas and individuals seeking the allocation and utilization of all California State University, Sacramento owned, controlled, and operated space. Auxiliary owned, controlled, and operated space is not included in this policy.

For minor design campus changes to the outdoor environment (e.g., banners, benches, signage, murals, etc.), the Minor Design Change Committee (MDCC) is tasked with reviewing proposals and making recommendations to the President for approval (ADM-185).

Why the Policy is necessary:

The University – not any group, division, college, department or individual – is the owner of its physical campus grounds and buildings. In order to ensure that all university space is subject to the assignment and reassignment for the common good of the University, the CPC will review policies and proposals affecting the University’s physical environment and make recommendations to the President. Final authority on the allocation and utilization of all University facilities rests with the President.


The responsibilities of space planning shall fall under the jurisdiction of the CPC. The committee will review and process requests in accordance with the CPC procedures. CPC membership shall be comprised of divisional Vice Presidents and the Chief of Staff, as voting members. Other members, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator, may be added as non-voting members.

If a Council action surpasses a financial threshold of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) and it requires one-time funding from the university’s central reserve, CPC shall require consultation with the University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC) and Presidential approval before acting. If the Council action of $50,000 or more does not require one-time funding from the university central reserve, then it will only require Presidential approval before acting.

The divisional head for this policy is the Vice President for Administration. This policy shall be reviewed every five (5) years, or sooner if necessary by the following stakeholders:

  1. Chief of Staff – Senior Reviewer
  2. Vice Presidents
  3. Facilities Management
  4. Faculty, staff and student representatives
  5. Space Management representative
  6. Risk Management representative
  7. Budget Office representative for funding information
  8. University Enterprises, Incorporated designee (non-voting)

Campus Planning Council (CPC) Responsibilites


Minor Design Change Committee (MDCC) – the standing committee tasked with reviewing proposals and making recommendations to the President regarding minor outdoor changes to the university environment. 

Facility – any space, campus ground, or facility that is within the ownership of the University.

University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC) – the standing advisory committee to the President that provides advice and recommendations to University budgeting matters.

Approved by: Robert S. Nelsen, President        Date: September 22, 2017