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Policy Title: Minor Design Change Committee Policy

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration/CFO

Authority: CSU Executive Order 713

Effective Date: September 22, 2017


Index Cross-References: Campus Planning Council Policy ADM-0184

Policy File Number: ADM-0185

Minor Design Change Committee Policy

Policy Statement:

This policy establishes the protocol and procedural guidelines for requesting minor design changes to the campus’ physical environment and surroundings. The university’s Minor Design Change Committee is advisory to the President on matters that affect the campus’ physical planning and surroundings.

Who the Policy applies to:

This policy applies to all areas and individuals, except those buildings or spaces that are auxiliary owned, controlled, and operated. Individuals include both university related and others outside the university (e.g., community members), who request design changes.

Why the Policy is necessary:

The purpose of the Minor Design Change policy is to review and make recommendations regarding the use and management of space on campus and the consideration of future design changes such as the addition of outdoor improvements to campus grounds. Review of specific requests and proposals for permanent furniture, fixtures, and equipment is the responsibility of the Minor Design Change Committee (MDCC), an administrative committee reporting to the President. This policy replaces the Campus Physical Planning Committee (ADM-158) and replaces it with this new policy and committee: Minor Design Planning policy and Minor Design Change Committee.


The responsibilities of minor campus design changes shall fall under the jurisdiction of the MDCC. The committee will review and process requests in accordance with the MDCC procedures.

Minor Design Change Committee Members and responsibilities

The Division Head for this policy is the Vice President for Administration. This policy shall be reviewed every five (5) years, or sooner if necessary by the following stakeholders:

  1. Vice President for Administration
  2. Facilities Management

Procedures and Definitions:

Minor Design Change Committee Members and responsibilities

Minor Design Change Committee Process Guide

Minor Design Change Committee Process Flow

Campus Planning Council (CPC) – the standing committee tasked with reviewing proposals and making recommendations to the President regarding modifications to the Campus Physical Master Plan and proposed new and remodeled facilities.

Facility – any space, campus ground, or facility that is within the ownership of the University.

University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC) – the standing advisory committee to the President that provides advice and recommendations to University budgeting matters.

Approved by: Robert S. Nelsen, President                 Date: September 22, 2017