Sac State University Policy Manual
Petty Cash

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration & CFO
Authority: Integrated California State University Administrative Manual, Policy 3103.11; Policy Manual PM 01-03
Effective Date: November 17, 2011
Updated: July 1, 2011, Procedures updated July 2016
Index Cross-References: Direct Payment Purchase Procedures; Business Hospitality Guidelines ADM-0111
Policy File Number: ADM-0171


This policy governs the establishment of petty cash purchase funds and reimbursement of University funds to individuals for amounts fifty dollars ($50) and under. The policy applies to purchases governed under the Direct Payment process. The purchase of items and use of services must be consistent with the mission and fiduciary responsibilities of the University.

The Associate Vice President for Financial Services and the Director of the Bursar's Office approve the establishment of University Petty Cash purchase funds.

Those employees that are authorized approvers for Direct Payments in the University Delegation of Fiscal Authority system are also delegated the authority to approve the payment for and reimbursement of petty cash purchases. It is their responsibility to ensure the expenses serve a clear University business related purpose, have followed appropriate University purchasing policy, and the employee who made the purchase or is being reimbursed derived no personal benefit.

The Bursar's Office reviews the petty cash submission for completeness and appropriate signatures before reimbursement.   Accounts Payable is responsible for reviewing petty cash purchases to ensure all are appropriately documented and approved when reimbursing a petty cash fund.  Additionally, Auditing Services will periodically evaluate this activity to determine if transactions are qualified and charged to appropriate funding sources.

This policy applies to any university business related activity that uses General Operating Funds or Special Funds to purchase items or services for said activity.  The use of auxiliary organization funds is governed by the policies of the relevant governing board.

Procedures for Departmental Petty Cash Users
Procedures for Establishment of Petty Cash Purchase Funds

Resources and Reference Materials
Integrated California State University Administrative Manual, Policy 3103.11
Business Related Hospitality Guidelines, University Policy Manual , ADM-0111
Policy Manual PM 01-03
Direct Payment Purchase Procedures

Approved by Alexander Gonzalez
November 17, 2011