Sac State University Policy Manual

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration & CFO
Authority: Executive Order 1014 dated Oct 8, 2007
Effective Date: August 20, 2012
Updated: June 13, 2012
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Policy File Number: ADM-0174



This policy outlines responsibilities for California State University, Sacramento’s Business Continuity or Continuity of Operations Program.  It applies in general to all campus programs, but is especially applicable to divisions and departments which would be expected to continue to provide essential functions to the operation of the campus in case of an adverse or disruptive event. 

Consistent with Executive Order 1014, California State University, Sacramento requires that all campus departments who maintain functions critical to the academic mission of the University prepare and maintain current, written and tested plans of action for unexpected events which may disrupt their normal business operations.  Examples of disruptive events include, but are not limited to, fires or natural disasters, information technology and telecommunications interruptions, utilities outages, communicable diseases on a pandemic scale, environmental emergencies and human-related disruptive events.

A well prepared business continuity plan helps an affected department to maintain best possible service levels during unexpected events and to recover from interruptions as quickly as possible.  A business continuity plan identifies mitigation strategies for adverse and disruptive events involving: 1) employees and staff; 2) utilities; 3) information technology and telecommunications; and 4) campus facilities or other workplace requirements.  Departments managing critical functions are required to develop BCPs using the University’s online BCP application.

Oversight of campus-wide BCP development efforts resides within the division of Administration and Business Affairs.  The Director of Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning, who is also the administrator of the online BCP_Application, has responsibility for assisting departments with their BCP development efforts. This includes providing related training, monitoring plan preparation, testing progress, and regularly updating campus administration on the progress of BCP preparation and testing activities.  Additional information on the Business Continuity Program and in regards to the development of departmental continuity plans can be found at


Approved by Alexander Gonzalez
August 20, 2012