Sac State University Policy Manual

Private Vehicles On OfficialUniversity Business, Use of

Policy Administrator: The President, University Risk Officer
Authority: PM 02-10
Effective Date: August 30, 2002
Index Cross-References: Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines
Policy File Number: UMP14275.htm

Use of University or Private Vehicle on Official University Business

In accordance with the California State University Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines , program center administrators or their designees are authorized  to approve requests for the use of University or private vehicles on official University business.

Before granting approval, these administrators will ensure compliance with all relevant directives, applicable policies and regulations, particularly the following:

  • The requestor is a University employee

  • The requestor has a valid state driver license and maintains a good driving record

  • The requestor has satisfactorily completed a CSU approved defensive driving course (if driving on university business more than once per month)

  • The campus has reviewed the requestor's DMV driving record at least once every four years.

The University Risk Manager has been designated as the campus control officer to oversee the use of vehicles on University business.  Any questions should be directed to him.