Sac State University Policy Manual

Advisory Groups, Guidelines for the Establishment of

Policy Administrator: Vice President for University Affairs
Effective Date: September 4, 1990
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Policy File Number: UMA00400.htm



California State University, Sacramento units may form advisory groups of individuals representing professional groups and others with interests and competencies related to specific programs of the University.  Illustrative of these groups are those associated with the Schools of Business Administration and of Engineering and Computer Science, the Department of Home Economics, and the like.

The purposes of these groups include the maintenance of a continuing association with professional colleagues and the provision of advice concerning program development from individuals who are working actively and/or actively interested in the various fields related to the University's programs of instruction, research, and service.

To achieve campus-wide coordination of this activity, the following procedures should be observed:

1. The groups in each instance should be known as the "Advisory Committee of the...". The words "board" and "foundation" should be avoided.

2. Membership in the advisory committees must be for defined terms and should not exceed three years.

3. Appointments to advisory committees will, in each instance, be proposed by the responsible dean and will subsequently be confirmed by way of an appointment letter from the President of the University.

4. The advisory group should be broadly representative of the particular interests and concerns related to the educational program.

5. A statement of purpose should be developed for each advisory committee.

For those schools, departments, and programs which already have established advisory committees, a list of the members and a statement of purpose for the group should be on file with the office of University Affairs. As additional groups are developed and as appointments are made, draft appointment letters should be forwarded to the Office of University Affairs. A list of all University advisory committees and their members will be prepared and distributed each year through the office of University Affairs. Members of advisory committees will also be included in the University Catalog and other University publications as appropriate. The Vice President for University Affairs is responsible for the administration of these guidelines.