Sac State University Policy Manual

Public Communications Process

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Advancement
Authority: PM UA 96-10, PM UA 98-06, PM UA 02-13
Effective Date: November 2002
Index Cross-References: Publications
Policy File Number: UMP14540.htm


This policy reaffirms PM UA 98-06, as well as previous policies, regarding the University's public communication processes. Specifically addressed herein is the university-wide coordination process for communications projects, including media contacts, news releases, all publications, advertising, videos, and web and electronic publications, intended for use off campus. 

The responsibility for the University's public communications activities falls within the purview of the Office of University Affairs. 

The Office of the Associate Vice President of Public Affairs in University Affairs has the role of assisting all campus units in developing appropriate media strategies, information for events, and newsworthy activities, and has delegated authority for oversight of the University's non-academic, public web pages. The campus community should rely on the professional public affairs staff to assist in the crucial work of conveying the University's story of excellence to students, prospective students, parents, alumni, the community and other key off-campus audiences. The booklet, News Coverage, Publicity and Publications; A How-To Guide , is available through any unit in University Affairs or on-line at and provides valuable guidance in this area. 

The Office of Publications and Design within Public Affairs is charged with ensuring that all University print publications are compatible with the overall University graphics standards, and that the message is consistent and clear. This includes but is not limited to, monitoring University graphic standards, including use of the seal, letterhead, University name, photo or graphic representations, electronic images, etc. Contracted services to vendors for print publications that have not received the approval of the Office of University Affairs via the Publications and Design unit will not be authorized by the Office of Procurement Services . 

All programs and departments should contact the Publications office at the earliest stages of any print communications project designed for use with an external audience, whether planning to work with the University's design staff or using some other design service.