Sac State University Policy Manual
Property Accounting, The Safegurading and Disposal of State Property

Policy Administrator:  Vice President for Administration

Authority:  Executive Orders 409 and 649; Education Code section 89048; State Administrative Manual sections 3520 (Surplus Property) and 8600 (Accounting for Property); Presidential Memo BA 05-01

Effective Date:  February 25, 2005

Updated: July 1, 2008 (Supercedes Policy on the Safeguarding of State Property, dated February 25, 2005 and the Property Accounting section of the Business Operations Policy, dated November 16, 1999)

Cross-References: California State University Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines

Policy Number:  ADM-0164



The Safeguarding and Disposal of State Property


With Executive Order 409, the Board of Trustees delegated to the President the authority to sell or exchange any state property belonging to the University, including establishing a Property Survey Board to serve in the disposing of University property. Additionally, Executive Order 649, delegated to each campus president the authority to establish and maintain a system of internal controls to safeguard state property. The term state property for the purpose of this policy means personal property owned by the University, and includes machines and equipment which are not permanently attached to or incorporated in state buildings and on state grounds.

This policy governs the procedure for safeguarding and as needed the disposal of state property at California State University, Sacramento. 



It is the responsibility of Department Chairs, Deans, Directors, and Program Administrators to control and safeguard all items of value in their charge, including tracking and accounting for certain types of property as required by the procedure. Additionally, they are responsible for insuring the immediate notification of Public Safety and the Supervisor of Property Accounting and Receiving when property has been lost or stolen and that the procedures for disposing of state property are followed when their department has property that is not being utilized. 

The accountability for all property assigned to or owned by California State University, Sacramento is the responsibility of Property Accounting. Detailed reports, documentation, audit trails and transsactions involving property are maintained for good stewardship and audit purposes.

The Property Survey Board’s responsibility is to insure that the best interest of the University is served in disposing of State property and to enforce equipment accountability.

The University’s Vice President for Administration/Chief Financial Officer and designees are responsible for the administration of this policy. 


This policy and subsequent procedure applies to all University employees, who ultimately have the responsibility for safeguarding state property and insuring proper disposal when the property is no longer being utilized.


Procedures for the Safeguarding and Disposing State Property


Approved by Alexander Gonzalez, President

November 20, 2008