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Periodic Review of Administrative Performance

Policy Administrator: The President

Authority: PM-85-01

Effective Date: June 3, 2019

Updated: March 11, 1985, May 9, 2019

Index Cross-References: FS 18/19-177 & 178/FPC/EX

Policy File Number: PRS-0100


Policy Statement:

The purpose of the periodic review of administrative performance is to assist people who hold administrative positions to maintain or improve their effectiveness.

Who the Policy applies to:

Faculty, staff and administrators

Why the Policy is necessary:

The policy specifies the classes of administrators that need to be reviewed rather than the specific positions.  This will allow the policy to be adaptable to changing titles and numbers of administrators. The number of years between review has been reduced.


Office of Academic Affairs.


Guidelines and Procedures for Periodic Review of Administrative Performance 


Approved by:  Robert S. Nelsen, President           Date: June 3, 2019