Sac State University Policy Manual
Policy Title: Periodic Review of Administrative Performance
Policy Administrator:  The President
Authority: PM-85-01
Effective Date: March 11, 1985
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Policy File Number: PRS-0100


The purpose of the periodic review of administrative performance is to assist people who hold administrative positions to maintain or improve their effectiveness.

The positions to be reviewed will include: Provost, Vice Provost, Associate Provosts, Vice President, Associate Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, University and School Deans, Associate Deans, Librarian, Associate Librarian, Unit Directors (in Management Personnel Plan Categories 3 and 4).

Administrative performance shall be evaluated on a five-year cycle.

A standing committee shall be established, consisting of three designees of the President, three faculty members chosen by the Faculty Senate, a staff member chosen by the University Staff Assembly, and one student chosen by the Associated Students. Members, except for the student, well serve staggered three-year terms, designated by lot. The President's designees shall not serve during the year in which their performance is to be reviewed.

The committee’s duties are to develop policy and procedures for the periodic performance review of people holding administrative positions.

Procedures and Guidelines

Approved by Alexander Gonzalez, President
October 6, 2008