Sac State University Policy Manual
Athletics Courtesy Car Program
Policy Administrator:  The President
Authority:  EO 715; EO 849; EO 775; EO 688; EO 676; HR 2002-20
Effective Date: July 17, 2008
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Policy File Number: PRS-0102


As a means of providing support to the University’s Athletics program, car dealerships periodically offer to provide cars for use by coaches and other Athletics personnel at no cost to the University.  Because there are Trustee policy, compensation and risk issues associated with these offers, the University has established the structure within which cars may be accepted by the University and assigned to individual Athletics employees. 


It is the policy of the University under certain conditions to accept offers from licensed car dealerships of new or near new vehicles for assignment to and use by Athletics employees.  Individual employees are prohibited from taking possession or using a courtesy car for University-related business without the University’s written approval.   All courtesy car agreements will be completed between car dealerships and the University’s Procurement and Contracts Office. 

The Athletic Director, or designee, is responsible for identifying willing car dealerships to participate in the program, and for determining which Athletics employees will be assigned a car for their use while employed at California State University, Sacramento.  The assignment of a courtesy car to the Athletic Director must be approved by the President or President’s designee.  The Athletics Director, or designee, is responsible for ensuring that requirements for accepting the use of each car is completed prior to the car being accepted by the University or used by an employee.  The Athletic Director, or designee, is also responsible for meeting on-going courtesy car program requirements.  These requirements are outlined in the attached procedure.  Failure to complete or sustain these requirements may result in the delay or forfeiture of a car, or termination of the program.  



This policy applies to all University employees. The courtesy car program is intended for the Athletics Department only.  No other departments are authorized to participate in a courtesy car program.


Athletics Courtesy Car Program Procedures


Approved by Alexander Gonzalez, President

July 17, 2008