Sac State University Policy Manual
Policy Title: Naming of Campus Facilities

Policy Administrator:  The President
Authority: PM 89-16, superseded by PM 93-02, PP&D 84-21
Effective Date: November 27, 1989
Updated:  February 18, 1993
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Policy File Number:  PRS-0105



California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) has established policy and procedures which fall within the context of Board of Trustee policy governing the naming of campus buildings and properties and which are intended to provide an orderly process that assures appropriate consultation.


The California State University policy on the naming of facilities and properties is set forth in PPD 84-21, "Policy and Procedure for Naming of Facilities and Properties," issued on July 30, 1984.  It states:

The Board of Trustees of the California State University retains authority for naming all CSU facilities and properties; e.g., all buildings; major portions of buildings; university or college streets or roads; stadium and baseball fields and other areas of major assembly or activity; plazas, malls and other large areas of campus circulation; and all other highly visible facilities and properties.  The Board delegates to the Chancellor the authority to name individual rooms, limited areas and individual items or features within rooms, limited areas and individual items or features within rooms, limited areas and individual items or features within buildings, individual landscape items or features, limited outdoor areas, and other minor properties.  The Chancellor may sub-delegate as she deems appropriate.  (The Chancellor sub-delegated this authority to presidents in Executive Order 335 on September 9, 1980.)

Each proposal for the naming of CSU facility or property shall be considered on its own merits.  No commitment for naming shall be made prior to Trustee approval of the proposed name.

A name of CSU facility or property must meet one or more of the following criteria:

It must designate the function of a facility or property.
It must reflect natural or geographic features.
It must reflect a traditional theme of a university or college.
It must honor an individual.

4.1 - When no gift is involved:

4.1.1 - It must honor a person who has achieved unique distinction in higher education or other significant areas of public service. 

4.1.2 - It must honor a person who has served the CSU in an academic capacity and has earned a national or international reputation as a scholar, or made extraordinary contributions to a CSU campus or the system which warrant special recognition.

4.1.3 - It must honor a person who has served the CSU in an administrative capacity and who, during administrative service, made extraordinary contributions to a CSU campus or the system which warrant special recognition.

4.1.4 - When a proposal for naming in honor of an individual involves service to the university
or college in an academic or administrative capacity, a proposal shall not be made until the individual has been retired or deceased at least one year.

4.2 - When a gift is involved, the Board will take into consideration the significance and amount of the proposed gift as either or both relate to the realization or completion of a facility or to the enhancement of the facility's usefulness to the university or college.  For an amount to be considered "significant," it shall either fund the total cost to the facility to be named, or provide funding or that portion of the total cost which would not have been available from any other source (such as federal or state loans or appropriations, student fees, bond issues, etc.).

5. - In special circumstances, the Board of Trustees may waive any or all of the above criteria.

The request to name a specific facility or property on a campus shall be sent by the campus President to the Vice Chancellor for University Affairs.


In 1991, CSUS adopted the policy of naming new buildings for California counties or significant geological and geographic features of California, and the renaming of existing buildings in the same manner at the time of reconstruction or modification. This policy was formulated in accordance with Board of Trustee policy and in consultation with the appropriate campus constituencies.  In general, this policy shall apply.

However, the basic policy allows for recommendations on the naming of specific facilities or properties by any member of the university community.


From time to time or upon request of the President, the Campus Facilities Planning Committee shall review the names of campus facilities and shall make recommendations to the President concerning the appropriateness of such names.  The committee may or may not initiate the process for recommending new name(s).


Procedures for Naming Campus Facilities

Approved by Alexander Gonzalez, President

Ocober 6, 2008