Sac State University Policy Manual
Policy Title: Civic Organization Participation

Policy Administrator:  The President
Effective Date: August 22, 2000
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Policy File Number:  PRS-0109



California State University, Sacramento occasionally enters into office agreements with Capital Region civic organizations whose purposes correspond to the University’s programs of instruction, research, and service.  In these instances the organization has located and identified a headquarters with the University.  These organizations have included the Business Volunteers for the Arts, the World Affairs Council, the California Elected Women’s Association for Education and Research, and the Renaissance Society.  This policy spells out practice and procedures about direct and on campus relationships with capital region civic organizations.

Criteria for determination of value to the University for existing and proposed affiliations:

-must have support or a relationship of at least one University academic or support unit
-must provide tangible opportunities for students to be involved in the organization's work
-must identify with the university in publications and activities
-must relate in a significant way in its mission to the University and its programs of instruction, research, and service.  

Consistent minimum commitment of organization desiring the affiliation.

-written agreement of collaboration -University space is made available when there is a value exchanged or a fee
-Normally, space will be agreed upon for a minimum three year period when appropriate, a base  monthly "services fee" is to be determined and charged for a defined range of services (for  example, phone access, technology usage, and the like) or special services
-agreement to abide by the rules of the University
-agreement on fund raising activities to the end that the University and the proposed affiliate organization respect each other's activity
-agreement on mutual coordination of activities when appropriate  

Establishment and review of affiliation

-final approval of the affiliation is by the University president
-as part of the affiliation, a year-end report/review from the organization should be made
-oversight of each affiliation is the responsibility of a designated vice president
-provisions for the review or termination should be addressed in each affiliation agreement, for the relocation of space, and a process for withdrawal of affiliation with adequate notice  


Approved by Alexander Gonzalez, President
October 6, 2008