Sac State University Policy Manual


Policy Administrator: Vice President for Human Resources
Effective Date: July 1, 1987
Index Cross-References: Death Benefits; Insurance; Retirement
Policy File Number: UMB01600.htm


The Office of Human Resources provides information and conducts business related to employee benefits, including retirement, disability and death benefits, group health insurance, income protection, life, disability and accident insurance and state compensation insurance.


All university personnel regularly, continuously and permanently employed on a one-half time basis or more become members of the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) at the time of appointment. Contributions to the system are made by monthly payroll deductions.

The State also makes contributions to PERS. The amount, on the average, will equal or exceed the amount contributed by the employee. The System provides death, survivor, disability and retirement benefits, described in a booklet available from the Benefits Office.

Members terminating employment are refunded their contributions with interest unless they are eligible to retire and accept a retirement allowance or unless they have had 5 years of membership and may elect a deferred retirement allowance.


New state employees contribute to Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance (PERS - OASDI Coordinated Plan).

1. Group Health Insurance A number of basic health plans are available for members of the PERS. The State will contribute toward the total monthly premium of the plan chosen by the employee. Information may be obtained from the Benefits Office.

2. Unemployment Insurance In general, regular State, Foundation, and ASI employees are covered under the California Unemployment Insurance Code; student assistants of the State, Foundation, or ASI are not covered under the provisions of this Code. Details of the current provisions of the California Unemployment Insurance Code may be obtained from the appropriate Personnel Office (i.e., Human Resources, Foundation, or ASI).

3. Disability Insurance All state employees, including student assistants working for the state, are covered under the disability insurance provisions of the State Compensation Insurance Fund; see section 5 below for further information.

In general, regular Foundation and ASI employees are covered under the State Disability Insurance Program; student employees of the Foundation or ASI do not contribute to this program and are not covered by its provisions.

Detailed information on the various disability insurance programs may be obtained from the appropriate Benefits Office.

4. Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI) Employees incurring a non-work related injury/illness on or after October 1, 1976, may be eligible for Non-Industrial Disability Insurance coverage. Only full-time employees (probationary or permanent) holding PERS/STRS membership are eligible. The disabled employee is required to serve a 7-day waiting period (commencing on the first full day of disability) unless confined to a hospital or nursing home one full day, in which case the waiting period is waived. NDI payments do not actually begin until an employee has used all of his/her accrued sick leave. The eligible employee may receive a stipulated maximum weekly allowance or one-half of full pay, whichever is less, for a period not to exceed 26 weeks (182 calendar days). While receiving NDI payments, employees shall not accrue sick leave, vacation, or service credits.

Upon notification by the employee or an interested party (supervisor, spouse, etc.) a claim statement is prepared by Benefits and forwarded to the disabled employee for his/her completion. A doctor's certificate (to be completed on the reverse side of the claim by the attending physician) is also required. The program is administered by the Employment Development Department of the State of California. Additional information can be obtained from the Benefits Office. FSA 76-71 STATE COMPENSATION INSURANCE FUND (WORKER'S COMPENSATION PROGRAM)

All employees of the University including State, Foundation, and Associate Students, Inc., are covered by State compensation insurance. Medical, hospital, and disability pay is provided at no cost to the employee should he/she be injured in the course of his/her employment. Following proper application, compensation insurance will pay a portion of the wage, with the remainder being met by sick leave. Additional information can be obtained from the Benefits Office.

All on-the-job injuries must be reported to Human Resources within 24 hours of the accident; failure to do so may jeopardize compensation benefits. (See policy entitled Accidents concerning injury reports.)


A basic death benefit is paid at the death of an employee to his/her named beneficiary. Benefits vary depending on whether the employee is eligible or not eligible to retire at the time of death. Information is available in the Benefits Office.