Sac State University Policy Manual

Emeritus Status

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Human Resources
Authority: PM 02-04
Effective Date: March 15, 2002
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Policy File Number: UME04050.htm


The title "Emeritus Professor" shall be conferred upon every assistant, associate and full professor retired by the President. The title of "Emeritus Lecturer" shall be conferred upon every full-time and part-time lecturer retired by the President. The title "Emeritus" shall be conferred upon librarians, administrative officers, student affairs and academically related professionals of equivalent rank, and staff retired by the President. All recipients of "Emeritus" status shall have met the minimum retirement age of fifty and served a minimum of five years at California State University, Sacramento, and in the case of part-time lecturers, served a minimum of the equivalent of five years of full-time service.

The process for nomination is a function of retirement procedures, handled through normal administrative channels; emeritus status is approved and granted by the President. The practice of both the University and the emeritus Association of continuing the appropriate privileges and membership opportunity for the surviving spouses of deceased emeritus (or potential emeritus) faculty is noted. 


Emeritus faculty shall be recognized through:

  1. Listing of name in the campus commencement program at the time of retirement;
  2. Awarding of a certificate of emeritus status at the time of retirement;
  3. Issuing of a permanent ID card indicating status as an emeritus member of the faculty;
  4. Listing of name with the faculty in all University catalogues.

All emeriti shall be accorded the following privileges:

  1. Possession of a campus parking permit
  2. Use of the Library. Emeritus faculty shall have the same privileges as members of the regular faculty;
  3. Access to campus recreational and social facilities (swimming pool, tennis courts, weight room, University Center, etc.);
  4. Complimentary or reduced-price admission to cultural and athletic events, at the discretion of the appropriate sponsoring group -- the faculty or staff discount if there is one;
  5. Opportunity to receive printed cards which designate "Emeritus" status, if cards would have been deemed appropriate during active employment;
  6. Invited participation in selected public ceremonies;
  7. Attendance at University functions at which active faculty and/or staff are welcomed;
  8. Emeriti who are residents in Sacramento and vicinity, and others on request, will receive the weekly mailing of the University Bulletin;
Emeriti faculty shall be eligible to propose research projects, compete for and administer grants from granting agencies outside The California State University.