Sac State University Policy Manual

Violence in the Workplace

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Human Resources
Effective Date: February 16, 1996
Index Cross-References: Drug-Free Workplace
Policy File Number: UMV19020.htm


It is the University's desire to maintain a safe environment for the campus community to conduct its business and fulfill its mission. In view of the increase of violent incidents in workplaces across the nation, I would like to clarify the policies and procedures of California State University, Sacramento, regarding potential threats to the campus community.

For the purposes of this policy, violence and threats of violence include, but are not limited to:

* any act which is physically assaultive;

* any substantial threat to harm or to endanger the safety of others;

* behaviors or actions interpreted by a reasonable person as carrying the potential for
   violence and/or acts of aggression;

* any substantial threat to destroy property.

* Possession on campus of any weapon or dangerous instrument (e.g., any type of firearms,
   certain knives, brass or metal knuckles, etc.) as defined in the California Penal Code, Title 5
   of California Administrative Code or University Policy

A climate of fear or intimidation will not be tolerated at California State University, Sacramento. Threatening behaviors, acts of aggression and violence will result in appropriate action by the University, up to and including dismissal. Civil and criminal penalties will be pursued as appropriate. It is the responsibility of every member of the campus community to take any threat or violent act seriously, to consult with appropriate individuals and to take action as recommended by these resources and guidelines. The Crisis Consultation Team List provides the name of campus personnel who should be contacted if someone has concerns regarding a potentially violent situation. In addition, CSUS now has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP Coordinator's office is located in the Student Health Center and is available by phone at extension 6416.

Crisis Consultation Team
California State University, Sacramento

Perceived or actual threats to personal safety have been relatively few at California State University, Sacramento, and, depending upon the specific situation, most appropriately are handled by personnel from one of several University offices, including the Department of Public Safety, Psychological Services, Faculty and Staff Affairs, Student Affairs, or another campus office. At times, however, staff in several of these areas are, or should be, involved, and in these cases, constitute a team that would meet or coordinate our response to a particular situation.

The Crisis Consultation Team is charged with coordinating University response to potentially violent situation on the California State University, Sacramento campus which involve students, visitors, staff, and/or faculty members collectively, individually, or any combination thereof.

Functions of the Crisis Consultation Team include the following:

1. At the request of any Crisis Consultation Team member who has been contacted regarding
    a potentially violent situation, to consult with appropriate persons on the crisis at hand and
    serve as a communication link between/among individuals and offices by communicating
    relevant information on a "need to know" basis
2. To make recommendations to the President (or designee) on response to crisis situations.
3. To work with the University Relations Office in the timely provision of information to the
    media and others as appropriate.

The Crisis Consultation Team consists of the following positions:

1. Director of Public Safety
2. Director of Psychological Services
3. Associate Vice President for Human Resources
4. Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
5. University Counsel
6. EAP Representative and Psychologist

Meetings may be called by any member as needed.