Sac State University Policy Manual

Lost and Found Service
Policy Administrator:Vice President for Administration
Effective Date: October 16, 2003
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Policy File Number: UML10200.htm


A "lost and found" service for all students and employees is maintained under the supervision of the Director, Department of Public Safety.  In accordance with Civil Code 2080.9:

1.   unclaimed or lost property shall be held for a period of at least 90 days;
2.   thereafter such property, as well as abandoned property, will be sold at public auction to
      the highest bidder; and
3. notice of such sale shall be given at least five days before the time of auction is held.

In the event no bid is received, the item(s) will be disposed of at the direction of the Director, Department of Public Safety. In either instance, proceeds of the sale are placed in the Student Emergency Loan Fund.