Sac State University Policy Manual
Commercial Solicitations and Sales on Campus

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Student Affairs
Authority: PM 04-04, PM 02-03,  PM 00-02, Assembly Bill 521
Effective Date: April 5, 2004
Updated: July 24, 2008

Cross References: Sales, Solicitations,

Policy File Number:   STU-0109





The campus Commercial Solicitation and Sales policy was developed to clarify conditions under which commercial solicitation and sales can occur on campus.



Certain organizations are permitted to use designated campus facilities to raise funds through commercial solicitations and sales, provided the funds raised will support the educational mission of the organization and are not used for personal profit.  Commercial solicitation and sales on campus are prohibited unless prior written authorization has been obtained.

Registered student organizations, university departments, and outside groups may raise funds on campus if they complete the appropriate application process, receive approval to conduct the fundraising activity, and are issued a fundraising permit.  In some cases, the student organization or university department may choose to partner with a commercial vendor.  In these cases, the campus organization must make appropriate arrangements with the Director of Student Organizations and Leadership.

On-campus commercial sales and solicitation policies and practices will be consistent with established California State University, Sacramento fundraising policy, Trustee policy, CSU General Counsel opinion, and relevant court cases, local and state regulations.  On-campus commercial sales and solicitations may not be in violation of University Enterprises, Inc., vendor agreements for exclusivity in food services, bookstore, and other campus operations.

The President has delegated policy oversight to the Vice President for Student Affairs who in turn has delegated the administration of this policy to the Director of Student Organizations and Leadership.


Student Organizations and Leadership and UEI will prepare and submit reports on commercial activities to the Vice President for Student Affairs at the end of each semesterThe reports are to contain the names of soliciting groups; number and date of solicitation days; contact person for soliciting entity; fees paid; etc.



Approved by Alexander Gonzalez, President

October 10/2/2008