Sac State University Policy Manual

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Student Affairs
Authority: CSU Executive Order 1097
Effective Date:
Updated: October 5, 2016
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Policy File Number: STU-0120


Policy Statement:
It is the policy of California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento State) to comply with all Federal and State laws and California State University policies regarding sexual misconduct.

Sacramento State�s Student Sexual Misconduct Policy under authority of PM SA 06-04 dated August 25, 2006, is no longer in use. In accordance with CSU policies, Sacramento State has adopted the system wide policy prohibiting discrimination, harassment and retaliation, sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence and stalking set forth in CSU Executive Order 1097. CSU Executive Order 1097 can be accessed at

Who the Policy applies to:
All students have the right to participate fully in CSU programs and activities free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The CSU prohibits harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, as well as sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. Such misconduct violates University policy and may also violate state or federal law.

Why the Policy is necessary:
Sacramento State is committed to creating an atmosphere in which all persons and groups can live, work and study, free of sexual misconduct.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Director for Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Human Resources at Sacramento State.

CSU Executive Order 1097 can be accessed at

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Robert S. Nelsen, President