Sac State University Policy Manual

Student Health Center & Counseling Services

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Student Affairs
Authority: EO 943, EO 1043
Effective Date: December 12, 2011
Updated: December 12, 2011
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Policy File Number: STU-0122



Provision of Services:

Student Health & Counseling Services at The Well provides medical, mental health, and health promotion services in accordance with EO943 and EO1053 to registered, degree-seeking students.  Students that are matriculated but not yet registered may be eligible to receive services on a fee for service basis.   The primary role of Student Health & Counseling Services is to provide episodic outpatient care to students with acute and sub-acute conditions for illnesses and injuries rather than comprehensive care for major medical or behavioral health conditions.  In addition, Student Health & Counseling Services offers preventative health and counseling services. The health services fee provides for basic medical services as defined by EO943 and basic mental health services as defined by EO1053.  Augmented services may be offered which include those services that are considered elective or specialized in nature and not included as basic health services.  These services vary and are offered on a fee for service basis. 

In order to ensure accessibility to all students, visit or session limits may be imposed.  Long-term utilization data has shown that students average 3 visits a year for medical care services and 5 visits a year for counseling.  Only under special circumstances will a medical provider waive certain augmented fees or extend patient visit or session limits to ensure patients receive necessary medical care.

Student Health & Counseling Services is dedicated to providing services by using a preventative care model.   Chronic medical or mental health conditions requiring specialty care or that exceed the capacity of Student Health & Counseling Services will be referred to outside medical providers, agencies, or other community resources.  Patients requiring ongoing medical maintenance are advised to establish a relationship with an appropriate medical care provider outside of Student Health & Counseling Services.  Students should consider purchasing additional health insurance for emergency and or specialty care.  Students are responsible for payment of all services rendered outside of Student Health & Counseling Services.   

During operating hours the Student Health Center shall provide first aid to all persons while on campus.  First aid is defined as one-time treatment that typically does not require a physician, laboratory, x-ray, or pharmacy services.  For serious injuries or illnesses, Campus Police should be contacted immediately. 

Student Health Services is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of licensed and unlicensed health care providers.  Current hours of operation and up-to-date information on the services and programs offered can be found on the website


Approved by: Alexander Gonzalez, President

Date: December 12, 2011