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Policy Administrator: Vice President for Student Affairs

Authority: EO 1095

Effective Date: May 28, 2020

Updated: September 30, 2008, January 10, 2012, May 7, 2020

Index Cross-References: FS 19/20-135; Discrimination, Complaints, Subpoena Policies

Policy File Number: STU-110


Policy Statement:

The policy provides students with guidance on how and to whom to discuss issues of concern when they believe a violating of the rules, procedures, polices, or the standards of the university occurred.

Who the Policy applies to:

Students, faculty, academic unit chairs, program directors, and deans.

Why the Policy is necessary:

The policy guides students to the appropriate office to resolve their complaint.


Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Office of Equal Opportunity

Approved by: Robert S. Nelsen, President   Date: May 28, 2020


A student grievance exists where a student claims that a violation, misapplication, or misinterpretation of a University policy, procedure, or practice has occurred.

Should a condition exist that a student believes is in violation of the rules, procedures, policies, or the standards of the university, it is important that they bring it to the attention of the appropriate individual or office as determined below.

I. Discrimination, Harassment, and/or Retaliation (DHR)

In cases involving an employee or member of the faculty which is based on discrimination refer to policy on System-wide Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating & Domestic Violence, & Stalking Policy (EO) 1095 (or any superseding policy or EO).

In matters involving a discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation violation contact the Office of Equal Opportunity.

II. Academic Rights

In cases involving a violation of academic rights refer to policy on Student Rights and Responsibilities and the Academic Honesty Policy and Procedures; or if it is a grade/course dispute refer to policy Grade Appeal Process as found in the University Policy Manual. In matters involving academic rights of students outlined in the above policies and in your classes or programs contact the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (ie. Provost) for appropriate referral, 230 Sacramento Hall.

III. Student Affairs

In matters involving all other grievances contact the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs for appropriate referral, 3008 Lassen Hall. For appeals related to student affairs the Vice President for Student Affairs will hear the matter and render a recommendation within 10 days of the appeal has been received. This recommendation may sustain the original finding, may find in favor of the complainant and refer the matter back to the appropriate unit for reconsideration, or make a separate recommendation as appropriate