Sac State University Policy Manual

Aquatic Center Advisory Committee and Partnership Forum
Policy Administrator: Vice President for Students Affairs
Effective Date: February 15, 2001
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Policy File Number: UMA0950.htm




The CSUS Aquatic Center was developed through the commitments and efforts of several organizations such as State Departments of Boating and Waterways and Parks and Recreation, the University Union, and CSUS.   Within CSUS, there were several groups which were involved including Intercollegiate Athletics, Recreation and Leisure Studies and Kinesiology and Health Science.   CSUS, which has the responsibility of operating the Aquatic Center, contracts with Associated Students, Inc. to operate and manage the Center.   In the early stages of the development of the Center, an informal advisory structure was developed that included representatives of many of these groups.   During the development stage, this informal group worked well; but as the Center grew and became more structured, the informal element of the advisory group impacted its effectiveness. 

The following advisory consultative structure is established. 


PURPOSE :   The Committee will address the goals and general direction of the Aquatic Center.  The Advisory Committee will provide oversight and review of the Associated Students' management of the Aquatic Center.  It will also serve as the mechanism by which the various University groups can work together to resolve operational issues.  Since the Vice President for Student Affairs has supervisory responsibility for many of the involved campus organizations, she/he will monitor the recommendations to ensure they address the mission of CSUS; the committee reports to the Vice President for Student Affairs.  Recommendations of substantive changes in operation or goals of the Center will be sent via the Vice President for Student Affairs to the President for his/her approval.

MEMBERSHIP :   There will be representatives from the following groups and departments:

· Vice President for Student Affairs

· Vice President for Administration

· Representative of the College of Health and Human Services

· Intercollegiate Athletics

· University Union

· Associated Students (2 student positions)

· Executive Director of Associated Students

· Director of the Aquatic Center

GENERAL OPERATION :  This Committee, which will be chaired by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee, will meet at least three times a year.   These meetings will consist of a process to approve the annual goals, objectives and budget for the Center and to review the operations of the Center relative to previously established goals, objectives and budget.  The review will be based on a presentation by Associated Students, Inc.  The interrelationship of the various groups will also be reviewed.   Additional meetings may be called as issues are identified. 


PURPOSE :  Reporting to the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Forum will review the operations of the Center to ensure that the visions and needs of the various Partners are considered and addressed.   The Forum will solicit input from the Partners on the long-term mission of the Center. 

MEMBERSHIP :  Representatives from the following: 

· Associated Students, Inc.

· CSUS (Representative from the CSUS Aquatic Center Advisory Committee)

· State Department of Boating and Waterways

· State Department of Parks and Recreation

· United States Department of Reclamation

· 2 Representatives of major user groups such as Lake Natoma Rowing Club and Capital Crew   Boosters Club

· Vice President for University Affairs or designee

· Additional members such as the local Chamber of Commerce may be added by the group 

GENERAL OPERATIONS :  The Forum, which will be chaired by the Director of the Aquatic Center, will meet at least twice a year.   These meetings will consist of presentations by the Aquatic Center staff regarding its operations and long-term direction and a general discussion concerning how the needs of the Partners fit within the operations.   The results of these discussions will be forwarded to the CSUS Aquatic Center Advisory Committee and considered in the development of the Center's goals and objectives.   As needed by the Center, members of the Partnership Forum may be called on to consult with the Center on specific issues.