Sac State University Policy Manual

College Work-Studies

Policy Administrator: Director, Financial Aid
Effective Date: August July 1, 1987
Index Cross-References: Work-Study Program
Policy File Number: UMC02200.htm

College Work-Studies

The College Work Study Program, also a federal program, provides jobs for students who have great financial need and who must earn a part of their educational expenses. Students may apply if they are enrolled at least half-time as a graduate, undergraduate, or vocational student in an approved post secondary educational institution. The educational institution which participates in College Work Study arranges jobs on campus or off campus with a public or private nonprofit agency, employed for as many as 40 hours a week. In arranging a job and determining how many hours a week the student may work under this program, the financial aid officer will take into account:

1. the need for financial assistance;

2. the class schedule; and

3. the student's health and academic progress. In general, the salary received is at least equal to the current minimum wage. The Payroll Office maintains current salary schedules.