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University Advancement

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Office of the Vice President

Lisa Cardoza

Vice President

Photo of Lisa Cardoza

Tatiana Azad

Advancement Analyst

Photo of Tatiana Azad

Amanda Lewis

Advancement Associate

Photo of Amanda Lewis

Renee Siden

Executive Assistant

Photo of Renee Siden

Alumni Relations

Jennifer Barber

Assistant Vice President

Photo of Jennifer Barber

Laura Breedlove McDaniel

Chapters & Networks Officer

Photo of Laura Breedlove McDaniel

Longji Longjel

Member Services Analyst

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Erin Mahoney

Student & Recent Graduate Engagement Officer

Place holder image for faculty/staff member.

Maikalina Nevills

Communications & Outreach Officer

Photo of Maikalina Nevills

Dino Piazza

Center Coordinator

Place holder image for faculty/staff member.

Heng Wong

Accounting & Business Officer

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Principal Gifts & Campaign

Antoinette Vojtech

Executive Director

Photo of Antoinette Vojtech

Riley Davis

Principal Gifts & Campaign Assistant

Photo of Riley Davis

Yolanda Torrecillas

Principal Gifts Associate

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University Development

Tracy F. Latino-Newman

Associate Vice President

Photo of Tracy F. Latino-Newman

Dawn Adams

Development Assistant

Photo of Dawn Adams

Natalie Duncan

Development Associate

Photo of Natalie Duncan

Tess Dyer

Arts & Letters

Photo of Tess Dyer

Nebrisa Fish

Engineering & Computer Science

Photo of Nebrisa Fish

Kathryn Gardella

Development Assistant

Photo of Kathryn Gardella

Lora Hollingsworth

Planned Giving and University Library

Photo of Lora Hollingsworth

Charles Nelson

Student Affairs

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Wes Oberlin


Photo of Wes Oberlin

Rebekah Rabiroff

Education and Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Photo of Rebekah Rabiroff

Tim Richter


Photo of Tim Richter

Advancement Services

Lisa Woodard-Mink

Executive Director

Photo of Lisa Woodard-Mink

Ryan Artis

Scholarship & Donor Relations

Photo of Ryan Artis

Terance Dass

Operations Analyst

Photo of Terance Dass

Hannah Kook

Prospect Management

Photo of Hannah Kook

Jennifer Laam

Prospect Research

Photo of Jennifer Laam

Jesse Lomolino

Advancement Services

Photo of Jesse Lomolino

Marisa Rollin

Financial Gift Steward

Photo of Marisa Rollin

Kenneth J. Soto

Advancement Services

Photo of Kenneth J. Soto

Kellie Urkov

Donor Stewardship

Photo of Kellie Urkov

Annual Giving & Communications

Sharon Takeda

Executive Director

Photo of Sharon Takeda

Amy Burke-Jones

Annual Giving Associate

Photo of Amy Burke-Jones

Mike Grover

Visual Communications

Photo of Mike Grover

Erica Kobbe

Senior Annual Giving Officer

Photo of Erica Kobbe

Theresa Holden

Leadership Annual Giving

Photo of Theresa Holden

Tracie Popma

Communications Strategist

Photo of Tracie Popma
Total Members: 40