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Vice President Mike Lee

Ming-Tung “Mike” Lee
Vice President and CFO (Interim)

It’s July, and at Sacramento State, with the exception of those who are enrolled in or teaching summer classes, students and faculty have departed. The campus is quieter and less congested, traffic is minimal, and parking is abundant. For this reason, there are many who perceive the summer months as a laid-back time at the University. For ABA, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, for many of ABA’s departments and units, summer can be the most challenging season of the year.

From late spring through summer, ABA is busy closing the books for the fiscal year, completing financial statements and GAAP reports to meet mandated deadlines, and developing the budget for the new year. A new financial system (CFS) implemented in April makes this year’s process even more cumbersome than usual. Construction, special repairs, and systems testing are scheduled during the summer to lessen the impact on academics. Across the campus, from June through August, special programs and activities are taking place, including freshman orientations, academic programs for youth, summer camps, and athletic events. Their presence can mean new facility contracts and reconfigurations, special insurance considerations, dedicated police and parking services, and much more. (For more about ABA’s summer activities, read the newsletter article ABA Summer: Full Speed Ahead here.)

Meanwhile, the Sacramento weather suggests that we take a more casual approach to living. The heat of summer demands less formal attire and conjures up visions of rest and relaxation. As busy as we are, I hope that you will all carve out some time to vacation, or simply take advantage of the longer days and sunshine, whether that means outdoor recreational activities, time with family and friends, or sampling the abundance of seasonal foods grown locally.

Reviewing the division’s activities over the past year, I am reminded of the broad and diverse services that ABA provides in support of the academic mission of Sac State. The list of the year’s accomplishments reported by ABA departments is impressive, especially in light of resource reductions sustained over time. ABA continues to complete major projects and improve services and operations despite the challenges brought about by budget cuts. This is indicative of a creative and innovative workforce committed to the mission of the University – one that works to overcome obstacles, bridge gaps and keep us moving forward.

A few of the year’s major accomplishments include: The opening of the energy-efficient WELL, Sacramento State’s first recreation and wellness center; conversion of the Common Management System (CMS) to the Common Financial System (CFS) Finance Module, the CSU’s new common single data base; establishment of Public Safety service centers  in the University Union and the American River Courtyard residence hall complex; renovations to prepare for new residents in Folsom Hall, Del Norte Hall and the Student Health Center; the integration of OneCard operations into the Student Financial Services Center to centralize services for students; and implementation of Audit Tracker II, an electronic data base and automated closed-loop system ensuring that hazards are identified and addressed.

This year, ABA was instrumental in bringing significant honors to the University. These include the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the State of California Controller’s Office for 2009/10, and a number of awards and incentives that demonstrate the University’s commitment to energy efficiency, including achievement of LEED Gold status for both The WELL and American River Courtyard, to name a few.

Congratulations to every ABA staff professional for your contributions that have helped our division realize division and University goals. Thank you for your dedication and persistence, and congratulations on the achievements that you have helped to bring about over the year. Watch for ABA’s 2010/11 Report of Accomplishments, scheduled for publication early in the fall semester. 

Ming-Tung "Mike" Lee
Vice President and CFO (Interim)