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Mark Montalvo
ASI Director of Finance & Administration

In this edition of Staff Spotlight, the ABA FOCUS Newsletter features Mark Montalvo, ASI Director of Finance and Administration.

How long have you been with Sac State? Since January 31st, 2011.

Describe your educational and professional background: I have 17 years of experience with the Roseville Joint Union High School District and was most recently the director of Accounting with the Roseville Joint Union School District. I am a member of the California Association of School Business Officials, School Services of California, and Toastmasters International.

I hold an MA Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and a BS degree, with an MIS concentration and a minor in Accounting, from Sacramento State.  I am currently working toward a Doctorate of Educational Leadership and Management. 

Describe your job: My job as director of Finance and Administration in Associated Students involves financial reporting, budgeting, coordinating the audit, and overseeing the normal daily accounting functions such as accounts payable, payroll, and processing payments for club accounts.

Who are your primary customers? My primary customers are anyone who walks through the door, calls, or e-mails who needs assistance that ASI can provide. We engage with student clubs and organizations, campus and auxiliary staff, external vendors, and other ASI departments. I am very fortunate to have a staff that is dedicated to customer service and is always willing to help when called upon.

Why would someone call you? If a staff member or student has questions about their External Grant, IRA, DOC funding, club account or just wants to know more about how we operate in the ASI business office, then all stakeholders are more than welcome to contact us. We want people to know we are here to support students and staff with any accounting and non-accounting questions.

What keeps you busy during the summer? Actually work during the summer months is a busy time in the ASI Business Department. Using a fiscal year ending on June 30th, the summer is spent “closing the books” in an effort to represent the financial picture of ASI as accurately as possible. It takes many hours by a dedicated staff to accomplish this process. As soon as the books are closed, ASI will have its year-end audit in August which is performed by our independent auditing firm, MGO. And of course August is spent prepping for the beginning of the new school year and getting all the accounts ready for the clubs and organizations when classes are back in session.

In my personal life, I balance my time doing family activities, such as trips to Tahoe and daily trips around town, with extended family barbecues. I also spend quite a bit of time doing projects on my house, a rental, and on my daughter’s house which she recently purchased.

As a new employee, what is your favorite aspect of working on campus? Working on campus has allowed me to see what actually goes on “behind the scenes” in support of the students and their education. After graduating from this campus in 1986, I went on and gained knowledge in the accounting field and specifically in the K-12 educational environment. I enjoy the fact that my staff and I are able to provide the support the students need to make their educational experience fun and exciting and help them understand how the process works. ASI is here to work for the students.

What makes Sac State different from other places?Working in a high school district for the last 17+ years has given me a foundational knowledge of how the educational industry works. Working in Associated Students, Inc. at Sac State, I really enjoy how the students and the student board are making many of the decisions that are benefiting their peers. The student board members handle themselves in a very professional manner and listen to the voice of the students on campus.

What do you like best about your job? I really like the educational environment and coming to work every day. I enjoy knowing that ASI can help the students operate their clubs more efficiently and assist them in any way possible. What students may be learning in some of their business and government classes is what we are doing here in ASI, with the functions of accounting, marketing, human resources, instructional technology, and student government. This is a great opportunity for students to see how the real world works and understand the critical areas of business which they someday may be able to apply in their chosen field.

How do people contact you? People can contact me by coming to my office on the 3rd floor of the University Union, or by calling me (X-87917), or e-mailing me - We have an open door policy and are available to assist students and staff with their concerns. My staff has access to my calendar and can tell you my availability.