Research and Creative Activity Subcommittee

Committee Info

Committee Chair:
Katerina Lagos

Meetings: Wednesdays, 11:00 - 12:15 pm

Committee Membership

2014-15 Agendas & Minutes

The Academic Senate established the Research and Creative Activity Subcommittee (RCA) and the Pedagogy Enhancement Awards Subcommittee (PEAC) as standing subcommittees of the Faculty Policies Committee (FPC) in 1997. (AS 97-12) 


The Research and Creative Activities Subcommittee is charged with the administration of two internal awards programs, Campus-supported Research Award Program, and System-wide Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Program, and with recommending policies and procedures relating to these awards to the Faculty Policies Committee.


10 members (8 elected, 2 appointed):7 elected members (1 elected member from each school, nominations and elections will be school based; 1 elected member from the Library; 1 appointed member from the Faculty Policies Committee (this member will serve as the liaison to FPC and will also serve as a full active and participating member of RCA); 1 appointed member from the university at large (member appointed by the Senate based on committee preference poll)

Joint Subcommittee Activities:

  • The RCA and PEAC will have the same meeting times (Wednesdays 10:00-11:30 a.m.)
  • In general, the RCA and PEAC will meet in different locations.  Joint meetings will be held as needed, and joint meetings can be requested by either the chair of RCA or the chair of PEAC.
  • RCA and PEAC will share agendas and minutes.

As needed, members from both RCA and PEAC (including chairs of the subcommittees) will meet to discuss coordination of activities, policy issues and recommendations, and other matters that concern internal awards in general.

Rev. 9/24/14