Other Senate Committees

  • Academic Information Technology Committee (AITC)
    The Academic Information Technology Committee develops the Academic Information Strategic Plan, recommends Academic Information Technology Policy to the Faculty Senate, and serves as a consultative body regarding academically-related technology issues.
  • Academic Resource Allocation Decision-Making Taskforce
    The Taskforce will consider the future role and voice of the faculty in academic resource allocation decision making in the contest of existing campus policies and prior discussions on the matter.
  • Center for Teaching and Learning Board (CTL)
    The Center for Teaching and Learning serves as a resource for faculty  (individually, in departments, and in programs) to enhance their teaching.  Through one-on-one consultation, workshops, and other means the CTL assists instructors in finding approaches that lead to their teaching excellence.
  • Committee on Committees (CC)
    The Committee on Committees reviews the annual Committee Preference Poll and makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate specifying who the members of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees shall be during the following academic year.
  • Committee on Diversity and Equity (CODE)
    The Committee on Diversity and Equity reviews, develops, and recommends to the Executive Committee revisions to existing goals, policies, and procedures in accordance with the University non-discrimination policies.
  • Elections Committee
    The Elections Committee initiates recommendations to the Faculty Senate relative to the conduct of the elections and the interpretation of election procedures and results.  It further develops efficient election control, monitors the tallying of ballots, and certifies the results.  Finally it makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate on voting eligibility as defined in the CSUS Faculty Constitution and Bylaws or in the case of contested elections.
  • University Appointment, Rentention, Tenure and Promotion Committee (UARTP)