Writing and Reading Subcommittee

Committee Info

Committee Chair:

Marcy Merrill

Committee Meetings:
 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 10:30 – 11:30 am

Committee Membership

2015-16 Agendas and Minutes

The Writing and Reading Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Policies Committee. (FS 05-30; amends FS 02-64; FS 00-47; FS 99-10; FS 00-21; FS 99-10) 


The Subcommittee shall: advise departments and programs on means of meeting the Writing and Reading in the Majors policy; advise departments and programs on the development of possible pilot projects; advise Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching and Learning on any matter related to the implementation of the policy; advise the Curriculum Policies Committee on any proposed modification of the policy; and evaluate self-study descriptions of current writing and reading requirements and assessment measures, and any changes planned to implement the Writing and Reading policy, and review and adjudicate GWAR appeals.


The Writing and Reading Subcommittee of the Curriculum Policies Committee shall comprise one member from the English department and one member from each college serving three-year, overlapping terms, the Coordinator of the Writing Program or designee, the Coordinator of the WPE, the Learning Skills Program Director or designee, a liaison from the Curriculum Policies Committee and the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and General Education, ex officio.