Dr. Elvia Ramirez

  • Contact Information

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Office Location: AMD 462A
  • Office Hours: Fall 2014: Thursdays 10:00am-1:00pm
  • E-mail: eramirez@csus.edu
  • Office Phone: (916) 278-5856
  • Mailing Address: Department of Ethnic Studies, Sacramento State University, 6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819-6043

Courses That I Teach

  • ETHN 11: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • ETHN 100: Ethnic America
  • ETHN 131: La Raza Studies 
  • ETHN 132: La Mujer Chicana  
  • ETHN 136: U.S.-Mexican Border Relations 
  • ETHN 137: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America and the Caribbean

Advising Information for Ethnic Studies Majors and Minors

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Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ethnic Studies

Minor in Chicana(o)/Latina(o) Studies

Research Interests

Chicanos/Latinos(as) in Higher Education; Graduate Education; College Choice; Race, Class, & Gender Inequalities; Intersectionality Theory; Race and Ethnic Relations; Immigration Studies


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Ramirez, E. (2014). "Que estoy haciendo aqui? (What am I doing here?)": Chicanos/Latinos(as) navigating challenges and inequalities during their first year of graduate school.  Equity & Excellence in Education, 47(2), 167-186.

Reese, E., Ramirez, E., & Estrada-Correa, V. (2013). The politics of welfare inclusion: Explaining state variation in legal immigrants' welfare rights.  Sociological Perspectives, 56(1), 97-130.

Ramirez, E. (2013). Examining Latinos/as' graduate school choice process: An intersectionality perspective.  Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, 12(1), 23-36.

Ramirez, E. (2011). “No one taught me the steps’: Latinos’ experiences applying to graduate school. Journal of Latinos and Education, 10(3), 204-222.

Barajas, M., & Ramirez, E. (2007). Beyond home/host dichotomies: A comparative examination of gender relations in a transnational Mexican communitySociological Perspectives, 50(3), 367-392.

Reese, E. & Ramirez, E. (2002). The new ethnic politics of welfare: Struggles over legal immigrants’ rights to welfare in California.  Journal of Poverty, 8(3), 29-62.

Chapters in Edited Books

Ramirez, E. & Mirandé, A.,  (in press, 2014). Autoethnography/Testimonio, common sense racism, and the politics of cross-gender mentoring.  In C. S. V. Turner & J. C. Gonzalez (Eds.), Mentoring Across Institutions, Class, Gender, and Race: Cultivating the Next Generation of Academics of Color. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishers. 

Ramirez, E. (2011). Arizona: Ground zero for the war on immigrants and Latinos(as).  In B. Baker, J. L. Figueroa, B. Mosupyoe, & G. Y. Mark (Eds.), Introduction to Ethnic Studies, (3rd ed., pp. 445-460), Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.

Barajas, M. & Ramirez, E. (2008). Gender and Immigration. In R. C. Wedding & B. Mosupyoe (Eds.), Institutions, Ideologies, and Individuals: Feminist Perspectives on Gender, Race, & Class, (2nd ed., pp. 97-124), Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishers.

Select Honors and Awards

Select Leadership and Service

  • Chair, Faculty Senate's Committee on Diversity and Equity (CODE), 2014-
  • Chair, Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Article Award Committee. Race, Gender, & Class Section of the American Sociological Association, 2011-12, 2013-14
  • Program Director, Chicana/o Studies, Department of Ethnic Studies. Fall, 2014
  • Member, Faculty Council, College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies (SSIS), 2012-
  • Member, Pacific Sociological Association's Committee for the Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities, 2008-11

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