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Barbara Carle

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Name: Barbara Carle - Department of World Languages and Literatures - I T A L I A N - Faculty Page

Title: Professor of Italian (PhD Columbia University)


Office Phone: (916) 278-6509, Fax: (916) 278-5502

Mailing Address:

Sacramento State University -Dept. of World Languages and Literatures - 6000 J Street - Sacramento, CA 95819-6089

Office Hours: Fall 2016 TR 4:30-6:00 and by appointment

Benvenuti! Welcome!

Quant'è bella giovinezza

che si fugge tuttavia!

Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:

di doman non c'è certezza!

Lorenzo il Magnifico, Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna

Il club italiano di Sac State


Fall 2016


Italian 1A

 iLrn Heinle Learning Center

-Italian 1A

Sentieri Super Site

- Italian 110

Introduction to Italian Literature I Dante

[…] seggendo in piuma

in fama non si vien né sotto coltre

 Dante, Divina Commedia, Inferno XXIV

Italian Program at Sac State

We encourage you to study Italian so you too will experience the rich cultural, intellectual and life

opportunities that unfold to those students whose second language becomes Italian, the foundation

of artistic, literary and historic excellence. It is also the language of design, fashion, invention,

culinary art, and soccer!

As a MINOR (coursework at the Sac State campus),

Italian will offer you the global edge necessary to be competitive in the world  of today

by sharpening your critical thinking (Dante),

your capacity to appreciate and analyze visual arts (Cinema)

and your awareness of the predeterminations of your own language and culture

(while Italian culture opens up an entire new world for you).

Students may  also complete a Minor in Florence or apply for the Special Major. 

i corsi


Language Courses: Gateway to the Minor

Italian 1A Elementary Italian
Italian 1B Elementary Italian
Italian 2A/B Combined 2nd and third semesters

Courses required for the Minor in Italian: (12 units or 4 (100 level) courses)

The Italian Minor combines courses on Italian CINEMA, LITERATURE, and CULTURE

Italian 102 Italian Advanced Conversation or Italian 104A
Italian 103 Advanced Grammar and Composition or Italian 130
Italian 104A  Introduction to Italian Cinema I (G.E. course)
Italian 104B 
Introduction to Italian Cinema II
Italian 110 Introduction to Italian Literature I DANTE
Italian 111 Introduction to Italian Literature II CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN POETRY
Italian 130 Italian Civilization The Dialogue Form (G.E. Course)

Italian 180 Seminar Conducted in English
Italian 194 Field Experience/Internship
Italian 195 Field Work/Tutoring
Italian 196 Experimental Offerings in Italian
Italian 199 Special Problems


Italian Program in Florence

It's easier than you think to participate in the  S T U D Y  A B R O A D  program!

Amo l'Italia (View Reasons to Love Italy)

Barbara Carle: Poetry, Literary Translation, Criticism

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS:  Creative and Scholarly Works

ITALIAN POETRY: Barbara Carle's Poetry

Dino Ignani: Fotografie di poeti Photographs of Poets

Ghenomena Edizioni

Contemporary Italian Poetry

Edizioni Il Labirinto

Edizioni Il Labirinto Videoclips of Poetry Readings: Carle reads Palmery in English

Journal of Italian Translation

Il Colosseo: enorme tamburo con orbite senz'occhi 

Giuseppe Ungaretti